Why We Don't Date Anymore

I don't understand society & why dating is always a controversial topic. Dating should be called what it is and it should be fun. Dating is to do an activity with someone you have or might have a romantic relationship with : to go on a date or several dates with (someone) Dating does not mean spending everything in your wallet. It's about spending time. Time and attention are free things that are worth the most to women. They show that she is important. Yes time is something that cannot be given back but it is intangible and therefore in abundance when used correctly. Stop wasting it.

We fear commitment and believe that dating is equivalent to commitment when it is actually a mature way of narrowing down our options. Not everyone that applies for the job is qualified or they may not be best fit for that particular position at that time.

Netflix and chill when done correctly is an expensive movie date in which you can have a conversation guilt free and not have to worry about wasting money on an expensive movie ticket and not watch the movie. Netflix and chill however has become misleading and a cover up for a conquest of sex. It's a clever way of not calling something what it is, which is a serious problem in this society.

Everyone is trying to be emotionally unavailable or have such negative views of relationships they end up being the hindrance of something that could be great for them. Let go of that old baggage it's out dated...would you keep eating expired food ? Would you keep eating food you're allergic to or go back to a restaurant with bad service ? QTNA