All These Social Networks: Privacy, Secrecy & SUBliminal posts is it really that deep ?


Privacy, Secrecy & SUBliminal posts is it really that deep ?

*News Anchor voice*

Broadcasting Live on social networking sites tune in every Monday and Wednesday: 

to see no face no case pictures of my boyfriend, isn't his hand cute ? Look at the back of his head, his shape up is just 😍, let's play the guessing game ! Guess who ?!

Or check out this sexy woman/man/celebrity pic I found on Tumblr who has no idea I exist (I'm guilty of this)

Or, or, my boyfriend or girlfriend from back home that no one knows exists except on Mondays, Wednesdays, and rare occasions like birthdays and holidays, when it's the best time to have a bf/gf (especially for pictures) 

Stay tuned to see how long an unexpected MCM/WCW post stays up (they probably got the "take this down text message" or didn't want people to think they were an item when indeed they are) 

Let's not forget the sad "Since I'm no one's MCM/WCW I'll be my own" posts. Honestly posts like those make me feel bad that a person feels less worthy because someone didn't put them as their Monday or Wednesday crush. Those posts usually get deleted before the day is over. It seems like a slight cry for attention and a touch of insecurity. 

Don't get me wrong sometimes the MCM and WCW posts that I see are actually cute of couples or people shouting out their friends or people they admire, but it's kind of sad that we've become drilled to anticipate Mondays and Wednesdays like Christmas to put up a picture. Like "its 12:00 AM time to post my MCM !" It's a bit much but that's just my opinion, again just pointing out what I see. 

Validation, Privacy and Secrecy

It makes me think that social networking sites and our peers validate relationships. A lot of arguments start off of the basis that "my picture isn't on your social networking site"

There are pros and cons to that. 

I don't think there is anything wrong with a post of your partner because you love them and want to show your followers who they are but there is a such thing as over doing it. (I'll have 1 or 2 posts of my boyfriend, one of him and one of us that's it)

It becomes tricky because people (often times people who are being sneaky) misuse the word privacy when in actuality they are being secretive. 

There's a major difference between privacy and secrecy. Privacy is being away from public attention while secrecy is the act of keeping information hidden or a secret. Information like having a bf/gf that you don't want other people to know. It's much easier to smoothly slide into someone's DM guilt free if there is no evidence of "someone else."

In cases like that the idea privacy is misused because you can have a picture of your bf/gf and not have everyone in your business.

Social networking sites have become the new catalysts for infidelity. 

DMs, Snapchat and excessive likes at "peak creep hours" have proven the ulterior motives people have for using these sites. 

Just don't broadcast your problems and put up subliminal posts when there are issues in your relationship. No one can enter and destroy a happy home if the doors aren't open and people don't know there are issues. 

Be careful who you vent to and keep your "house problems" in your house. 

You can get advice from people you trust but ultimately only you know what's best for you and your relationship. 

What I will say though is don't stand for anyone keeping you a secret you should be proud of who you're with and they should be proud to have you because like Fabolous said "baby girl you so major they should front page ya," nothing less. 


Social media is slowly altering our Idea of success and the need to prove things to others by what we post. There's a misconception that if we're not posting what we're doing we're not doing anything of importance because if it's important you'll post it right ? Some people are just too busy. Some people post too frequently for others, but for some that's how they build their brand or get a reaction (I.E.:Promoters, photographers) IG is like the new resume. It allows us to create this image of ourselves that we want others to see. 

Use it don't let it use you.

With that I want to touch on people who use social media to productively and to promote their hustle. They're making use of their resources, and what I noticed it's often hard to get support.

It's sad when people are just starting out, the lack of support they get. you would think it cost money to repost or like something to support.

IG models boost their careers by making use of their media resources for the most part. A pretty face and nice body got the attention o the right person. Some people hate on it but hating I believe is admiration that's confused resulting in jealously. You subconsciously admire some aspect of what they're doing but insecurity and some form of jealously prohibits accepting and admitting your admiration.

Use inspiration as motivation to get to where you want to be.

It's like  people think "I have IG and Tumblr too why aren't I famous ?" or "how come they're getting more reblogs and like than I am?" Likes feed egos for those who are already secure, and build esteem for those who aren't. A lot of people will say they don't care, it's just Instagram..if it is why does it take so long for you to pick a picture or decide on a filter ? And why are you worried about "peak times to post ?" Or ask yourself if it gets less than 11 likes will you really keep that picture up there ? 

If IG is life and you love your gram just be real with yourself and post until your heart is content. 

Social media has become our diaries, counselor and means of confrontation. Rather than face to face communication, or a private phone call, or text to express discontent with someone we turn to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram among some of the few social networking apps, as outlets to put our issues on the forefront. 

Sadly Social networking apps have become the new way to end friendships by unfollowing or blocking someone rather than simply talking about it. In cases like that I believe both parties are at fault. (I will admit I've been a victim and a culprit of this)

The emotional reaction of what can be considered one of the most disrespectful ways to end a relationship or friendship triggers an "idc I'm not going to even bother to address the situation" defense mechanism. A defense mechanism that makes one think, I didn't mean enough to the person to directly address me, so why should I dignify this with a response ?"

Why sub ?

Here is why I believe subbing occurs

Strategic cowardliness:

Since no one is ever tagged or mentioned in a subliminal it simple for the person subbing to claim that no one was mentioned so the person subbed must have a guilty conscious. (When in most cases the person who thought the sub was about them was indeed correct) 

Not all posts are meant with malicious intent, some subliminal posts are toward someone who we want to get their attention but are too afraid of rejection to directly mention so we hope that they get the idea.

Bottom line, subs are intended to get someone's attention. We all have done it before.

Social media has a significant impact on our daily lives and whether we admit it or not it's not just Instagram, Facebook or whatever site you use because every post, like, or reblog causes a reaction because we allow it to affect us.