It's Not Him...It's You: Settling for Single

Ever find yourself thinking;I was nice, I didn't play any games with him, I'm attractive, I'm smart, why is he playing games with me? Why did he stop talking to me?

At first she thought he was foolish for not appreciating all that she was, but then she realized it was her, ignoring signs & being in denial. Whether a guy is clear about intentions or unclear do not think you can change his mind, no matter how amazing you are. It's not you or anything personal toward you. You can't make a guy CHANGE, he gets his act together for the one he doesn't want to lose.

It's Not Him...It's're not for him.

Don'tWasteYourTime2016 Stop settling for less than to avoid being single. Being single is not a death sentence.

There is nothing wrong with being single. The media has built and created a misconception that being single equates to lacking something, or something being wrong with you. Being single, whether you believe it or not is a blessing and a beautiful thing. While the company of someone else is a lovely thing, you do not NEED anyone to complete you.

To master the art of being single it's important to understand that you need to enjoy your own company and not seek validation from anyone. If you cannot enjoy your own company, why would anyone else ?  Ignore the media's display of couples and relationship goals and "baecations," because they are usually a false or dramatized representations which corrupts your definition of what your own happiness is and should look like. Enjoy your time being single and do not jump into a relationship looking to fill a void because you may end up disappointed if it's not filled. Also you may end up ruining someone else's outlook on relationships attempting to live up to someone else's relationship goals and not actually enjoy the person you are with and their time.

Take the time to discover things about yourself that you would not have time for in a relationship. it's important to meet new people while you are single, contrary to the believe that being single means being lonely. Every new person you meet can teach you something about yourself and could create a new friendship or business partner that you may have missed out on whilst in a relationship.

Being single also helps you to appreciate a relationship more when you decide you are ready for one.

Allow me to reiterate not losing yourself trying to find him and also not settling and tolerating nonsense.

Prioritize...yourself Whether you're dating or in a relationship, remember to prioritize and keep time for yourself that you do not give up for anyone. Do not compromise yourself for anyone because if you lose yourself trying to find him, you will end up lost and by yourself. Oftentimes when a relationship is blossoming you prioritize others and work your life and grow around your significant other forgetting to water yourself so you can flourish as well. Remember who you are ! Don't be so thirsty for him and busy showering him with affection that you forget that you need to be watered as well. Relationships are not a one sided thing.'re not for everyone and everyone is not for you If he shows you his true colors, do not try to paint over it or think it's just "bad lighting" and it'll get better, if you do not like the colors you see and they do not complement yours, do not waste your time. If he wanted to he would have, no excuses. Remember that !

Rationalize...your thoughts When it comes to the person we are interested in, courting or dating we see them and all that they do with a filter; a "Can Do No Wrong Filter." We tend to think with our emotions and allow our emotions to make justifications for clear signs of a guy not taking us seriously. Also we allow our emotions to accept excuses that from anyone else we would not tolerate. Know when to call it quits and do not put up with anyone's sh*t !