Well Ain't that that Pot Calling the Kettle Black ?

I'm so tired of hearing about what guys are tired of seeing.I don't think there is anything wrong, for the most part, with being inspired by a trend, but a lot of guys love to call girls out on it and they themselves are heavy trend followers as well. And might I add that seeing as guys do not have much options, when yall dress alike, it's quite obvious.

You fellas been natural all y'all lives (with the exclusion of those who use texturizers) and some of yall still can't get it right so how dare you ridicule a woman because of what her texture looks like ? Or what she decides to do with her hair ?

I'm tired of you guys complaining about what y'all want to see and what you guys are tired of seeing and hearing you guys ignorantly compare things like 3a curl patterns (and I'm using the correct terminology because you guys often ignorantly associate it with ethnicities or call it "good hair") to 4c curl patterns but some of you guys out here with yall hair looking extra parched and coils tighter than your jeans.

Then you guys have the audacity to say going natural is a trend, or all women do the same thing with their hair, but damn near the whole male population wanted to jump on the band wagon with the OBJ mohawk fade and blonde tips. Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black ? And if it wasn't the OBJ mohawk fade, it was the attempt at the "Classic Man" slick hair-do and beard combo. And if it wasn't that you guys were out here tryna make waves with hair that does not have any sense of direction.

We understand. Trying to find the right wave product is like trying to find the right curl product, THAT we can sympathize with yall on. Let me make something clear though, yes a beard can do justice for some guys, but beards are not for everyone, and just because your beard is flourishing it does not change who you are or make you attractive.Just like you guys like to make fun of women struggling to grow their hair out, some of you guys are struggling to grow out that sad excuse you call a beard. Or let's talk about how you guys laugh and make fun of women when they wear body con dresses, (which okay I can agree is not for everyone) but get super upset when someone points out your tight, untailored, highwater suit you picked up and middle school-esque loafers you squeezed into because you heard they were back in style, and let's not forget the joggers and $50 plain white tees that yall are all running to buy "trying to be different" because Yeezy taught you but yall forget DJ UNK and Dem Franchise Boyz showed yall first.

Long white tees looking like a night gown, I'm sure Andre 3000 asked yall to take those things 2 sizes downin 2006.

Boy bye. If you joined the wave, don't front. Do us a favor, make sure you're on point before you decide you want to diss the way someone is dressed or wears their hair, and even if you do look on point I wouldn't suggest you do that because as soon as a woman dishes a diss back she's being sensitive or took it too far, when in actually its you getting a taste of your own medicine.

In my opinion, for the most part women buy things because they like them but sometimes it's also to accentuate features to draw a guy's attention. Not always but sometimes its strategy. (And in accentuating features, that's not always in reference to her butt or breasts there are many other features women buy things to complement.) A lot of guys I have noticed do things to impress other guys more than they do to impress women. Not to say impressing anyone with your style should be a goal, but I'm calling it like I see it and I just wanted to point that out.

I wish that guys understood that everything a woman does to her hair, does not need a man's approval, and giving negative comments that were not asked for is being an ass.  Point blank, whether it's your honest opinion or not. A woman's hair is her crown so how do you sound as a man making fun of a Queen's crown because she's tailoring it to fit how she feels best ?

Whether I want a weave, "poetic justice braids", faux locs, a dark Caesar, a fro, a blow out, whatever style I choose, it is my hair, and if I didn't grow it I bought it so I shall do with it as I please. She did not ask you. If it's a cut, dye, or fresh hair-do there is nothing that she can do to change it, and it probably took her a while to get the confidence to rock it so who are you to put her down because it does not meet YOUR standards of beauty.

Whether they are inspired by the Eurocentric, "foreign" fetishes one has or the "embrace your roots" Afrocentric obsession a man has, what a woman does with her hair is not going to kill you.

Grow up.