Dear Black Men


I came across a lovely post on Tumblr that inspired me to write about reasons we love black men. Not that we do not love men of other races and ethnicity, but there's just a special place in my heart as a black woman for a black man and a lot of other women, especially from Twitter, seem to agree.

Here are 7 reasons why we love black men.

1. Black men are...Fine as hell

@blackbeardedmen  Exhibit A-Z


Although some trends and styles are questionable, black men undoubtedly possess an inimitable effortless swag that makes almost every woman swoon.

the beard trend his highly approved*

A passionate opinion on the beauty of a black man...

"😱Y'all skin omg especially when u guys are playing basketball and its glistening😍 those brown eyes 😍and y'all voices and y'all broad shoulders and the arch in y'all backs. The way y'all speak. The way y'all lick ur lips… Or poke ur lips out. (Omfggg those lips) Or tighten ur jaw. Y'all hair. Whether u got a fresh fade or curly top or dreads or whatever I don’t care I love y'all so much. I love when y'all grow y'all beards out too yes daddy yes. Also the stroke is unmatched bc we got rhythm. Oh and the way y'all walk makes me low key excited af🤔 I think that’s my favorite thing….s Lol"


FullSizeRender (2)
FullSizeRender (2)

2. Black men are...Persistent despite adversity

"Because in the midst of oppression a black man remains powerful defiant and as beautiful as ever" - @nayamacc

Black men are the most feared, targeted and most hated, but yet the most powerful group of people. Every day black men are defying the odds set against them. There is an old ignorant joke that all black men can do is run, shoot and steal, hence the reason they were gifted in sports, particularly basketball, and also more inclined to commit crimes. Well you know what ? Not only are they gifted in sports but black men RUN for office, SHOOT for the stars and dreams beyond the glass ceiling placed above them and have STOLEN the hearts of many with their irresistible charm, talent and aura. Black men are taking over and their ambitious is in overdrive.

Obama does it all.

3. Unmatched diversity

Often imitated, never duplicated, the style of a black man changes as often as the weather does, and no matter what they always look good. In a recent XONeCole Article it highlighted the "New Stereotype" that defies the stereotype of black men in society; featuring their style

In actuality "Man Crush Monday" for a lot of black women is "Melanin Monday" where black men of all shades are appreciated for something that they were discriminated against and persecuted for; their complexions.

Melanin  /ˈmelənən/ noun

a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people and animals. It is responsible for tanning of skin exposed to sunlight

A.K.A. the REAL tall dark and handsome

Despite the recent trend of "fake dark skin" with extreme tanning and spray you cannot fake the funk. You cannot fake melanin you do not have.

"They hate us because they ain't us"

4. Black men Unrivaled level of understanding

Black women find comfort in opening up to black men about all things that bother them, from physical, emotional, and mental stress to worldly issue that bother them because, due to a common history of oppression and struggle we view the world through similar lenses. A lens that no about of empathy from any other race or ethnicity would ever understand. It's like trying to wear glasses that weren't prescribed to can make out the bigger picture, but you will never be able to clearly see or understand the details because it's just not for you.

5. Black men are...Protective

Whether a father, brother, husband, boyfriend or friend the black man protects the women in their lives and makes them feel like Queens and for that we will always love and protect you.

6. Black men Armed & Dangerous

Not with weapons, but with knowledge.

Despite the wide acceptance of the “More black men in prison than college” myth, the numbers don’t support the myth.

"According to the U.S. Census, about 18,508,926 people in the U.S. population are Black males, of all ages. In 2013, 1,437,363 were enrolled in college, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics.

As of the middle of 2013, there were 219,660 Black males were in local jails, and 526,000 Black males were in state or federal prison, totaling about 745,000 behind bars, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Prisoner Statistics Program."

"While the “Black men in prison” myth was often used by policymakers, community organizers and leaders with the best of intentions, because it is a falsehood it has proven to be harmful to communities of color. It paints a negative picture of Black male academic achievement and feeds into the stereotype that Black males are predisposed to crime and violence." BUT THEY ARE NOT.

Congratulations to class of 2016.

Where my NEGUS at ?

Negus means King, it's used at a title of sovereign in Ethiopia and the idea of Negus in 2015/16 is a shift from "n*ggas" as a term of endearment and reference of oneself as a black man to the understanding and reclaiming of one's crown and royalty as a black man.

Kendrick Lamar explain on his freestyle at the end of "i" what NEGUS is

Let me just put you guys on to a young brotha who I had the pleasure of hearing at a Paint and Poetry event; Moise Morancy

Moise Morancy is a 21 year old Brooklyn native, actor, rapper, poet and activist. He is best known for his video of him defending himself against a racist white woman that went viral on Facebook. His poetry epitomizes the struggle of a black man to remain positive and strong in a world that is seemingly against them. He phrased it best in his spoken word piece "Dear President Obama ! N*GGA YOU AINT SH*T !"

To see a man that looks like me in a position of power makes me feel like I can power forward kinda like Dwight Howard.

Your style, elegant, vernacular, eloquent.

7. Their Pride

The aura surrounding a proud black man is like no other. When we see and feel that deep pleasure and satisfaction derived from their achievements, we cannot help but stand back and admire.

Black men. We appreciate you.