Effort: Class is in Session

CallmePAYTON College

Department of Effortology

Spring 2016

Monday-Wednesday-Friday 12:30 PM

Yasmine Payton, B.A., MVP


Class Requirements:

Let me just make one thing clear, you expressing interest in a woman does not entitle you to her or anything that is her. Effort is required. You don't just tell a professor you're interested in their class and expect things to fall in place, you have to register and then work to stay in that class because you can and will be dropped from the course to make space for someone who really wants to be in that class.

The goal of this course is to help guys understand the importance of effort, learn critical thinking and discover there own potential.

Get Your Shot Blocked 2016


Grading Automatic F.


Course format

Let's talk about the fail of shoot your shot season.

Guys were just throwing air balls hoping one of them would go in, no form, no shot, no specific team just shooting to shoot. Are you not trying to gain points ? Do you not want to be a part of a team ? Get it together. 

And what makes you think guys think I want to be cooped up in your house on our first date ? Every thing is circumstantial but most of the time Hanging at crib first time nah and I definitely don't want you in my house.

I was thinking ladies...do you like the person or like the attention because it's the ones we don't want that put in the most effort and we accept the bare minimum from the one we want


Like a lot of guys half ass everything wow me and woo me like what happen to getting someone in the mood ? And making her feel wanted ? Do you expect something in return every time you do something ? selfish intent

Assignments and Evaluation

Do not ask for extra credit

Don't ask and you shall receive, yes closed mouths don't get fed BUT beggars can't be choosers Somethings I should just want to do because of how I feel for you and about you, if you have to ask then 9 times out of that means she didn't want to do it (and "it" can be a wide range of things not just sexual) and now that you asked she feels awkwardly obligated. Patience young grasshopper. When's the last time you did something nice for her just to see her smile w|o expecting something in return ? Evaluation time: Ladies ask yourself "What's the nicest thing a guy has done for you that did not include "buying food ?" because how that is an accepted standard of showing affection that guys have run with, there's more to it than a meal

Attendance Policy

Don't come to class but expect to pass, if you've become a star student or a fave and you start not showing up, there's only so many times I'm going to let it slide, there's requirements for higher level classes, no attendance no passing grade, there's stuff to be learned on both ends and how are you gonna do that if you don't show up and do the work?

Only basic level classes don't require attendance to pass 🌚

I took attendance like a classroom

Materials for class

Some of them have the nerve to bring empty promises to the table and expect you to be full off of that They wanna taste test everything you have to order and sometimes some of them are bold enough to order a meal and get alligator arms when it's time to reach for the bill because they started catching feelings