Black Lives Matter

Handcuffs are the new shackles.


Land of the Free and Home of the Brave*

*Exclusion apply

The land where freedom is for select few and a handful of the "brave" tend to be scared trigger happy murderers.

Slavery supposedly ended 151 years ago with the Emancipation Proclamation, but we as Blacks are still slave to the system and unfair treatment.

#BlackLivesMatter does not mean ONLY black lives matter. It's a reminder that our lives matter too. The senseless frequent killing of unarmed Black men and Black women needs to be addressed, and the hashtag was a revolutionary utilization of Generation Y's (the millennials) resources of social media as an outlet to vocalize grievances and discontent with the current events.

However the #BlackLivesMatterMovement was met with a counter "movement" #AllLivesMatter, birthed from the misunderstanding of the meaning of #BlackLivesMatter.

Celebrities like Fetty Wap have lost followings and support due to silence, badly timed or just flat out the wrong response to the movement.

He later retracted the statement saying he didn't understand the meaning of the #AllLivesMatter statement but the damage was already done, and that's a problem, that as a Black man in the mist of all that is going on, has the audacity to exclaim that because his kids are mixed the fact that the "Black" part doesn't apply. Modern day ignorance.

Not to mention all of our leaders and activists are dead or dying, we don't have time to look to "celebrities" for the answers. Asking them to use their "platform" to speak to the people when you think about it is asking people that are famous because WE made them famous, speak to the masses, which is us. See it ? If we keep speaking they will hear and THEY will join US in the fight. We have WAY more power than we've been utilizing. The celebrities we look up to are black and they have to feel and see and hear whats going on both from the news and they realize that things like their sales and tours are not getting the attention because their fan base is distraught so they will speak eventually for the good of their sales one, and two because some celebrities genuinely care about the welfare of their people. Check this out;

They heard us speaking, so they spoke up too.

I had a serious issue with the Daily News and their "coverage" of Alton Sterling's murder. It was extremely tasteless of them to display his dead body across the front page. I had an even bigger issue with people sharing that cover and the video simply because it desensitizing the deaths of these Black men. I understand the initial footage was put out to show what is being done, but the constant reposting and retweeting only further hurts us and his family. How would we feel, God forbid if that were our loved one shown like that on the front cover of the newspaper ? I urged everyone not to buy the Daily News because essentially they were making money off of his death knowing that this is prime time that Black people would buy the paper and watch the news. Watching news coverage of anything dealing with Black lives is biased. How and why would I trust the news who twists every story, call 12 year-olds who were murdered "12 year old men," strategically select who's mugshots will be shown and who;s graduation pictures will be used, to tell the story of a BLACK MAN being murdered by a WHITE police officer. We all know there is little to no black representation in regards to the media gate keepers so they're going to tell the story how they want it to be told.

We don't need to see these images and videos to know that they are happening just as we do not need to see a rape to know it occurred. It's bad enough that Philando Castile and Alton Sterling's children and wives have to live with the fact that their deaths are viral but for it to be gruesomely display across the front paper, like how do you explain that to a child ? Have you ever seen a white person's dead body plastered across a paper like that ? Or shown on the news like that ? Where's the respect for these men ?

Everyone knows what's going on, here's a seminar with Jane Elliot asking "Who wants to be Black in America"

So what do we do ?🙏

Firstly, STOP watching those videos and digging for more stories to make you sad. Utilize your power and do not show fear,the reason the murders reacted and shot as many times as they did, sometimes out of fear. They are scared of us and I would be too. Think about it. I saw a post that highlighted 4 VERY important things

The President of the United States is Black

Miss USA is Black

The number one singer Beyoncé is Black

and the Number one athlete Serena BLACK

now what we need to do is play the numbers game and get numbers in higher places and change faces and execute change in the places that disgrace us. It's additional fire power to the protesting. Fighting the system. Fight the Power ✊

RIP #BlackLivesMatter

More unarmed people killed by police. What is going on here ???  Make racial equality an issue of the past by making everyone equal! Go to