It's Just Emotion That's Taking Me Over 

Talk about a throwback.

For those of you who do not know what song this clip is from it's Destiny's Child's 2001 single "Emotion." That's right I'm talking about emotions and how they get the best of us and when not addressed they festered inside of us, rotting our insides out.  I feel like I've definitely said this before but I'll say it again; Emotions are strong feelings, you know, love, anger, hate, joy, fear, etc. Emotions are things we cannot grasp, control or fully understand. Often times we are fearful of the unknown and want to be able to understand and control our every reaction and feelings because of the likelihood of our emotions and feelings being deemed as "irrational" or brushed off as us overreacted. 

Here's the truth. How you feel is never wrong. It's wrong to not be honest with yourself and accept how you are feeling. Trying to understand and come up with an anonymously accepted definition of feelings like sadness, love, or hate will drive you insane and it's one of the impossible tasks. What we can do however is try to understand what causes and triggers those emotions and how we feel about the causing factor. 

Sometimes we have those feelings of inadequacy or question our relationships with our family, friends, significant others and even ourselves. That's okay, we need to evaluate in order to eliminate anything and anyone that is not in support of growth and happiness. 

In the words of a broken heart it's just emotions taking me over 🎼 

Find a way to express those emotions ... 

Emotions and feelings are hard enough to accept within ourselves but when we finally find the courage to share and act on those emotions and they are rejected it can leave one in a fragile broken state, a state that we sometimes feel there is no returning from. A setback is always a set up for a comeback. Believe me you can come back from heartbreak, I've survived like 5. It's not your heart actually breaking, but think about it as chipping off a piece of the naiveness. Sounds bad but it's the truth. Our first love is always the hardest we'll ever fall because we were naive and hard headed in paying attention to the signs that this love maybe the first but it is not the only and it may not even be right for us. Love is a drug for some but a good love, real love should be a vitamin. Something you need but it's natural and helps you develop. 

Whatever you believe in, God, Allah, a spiritual being, whomever it is rest assured they remove negativity from your life after it has taught you a lesson. It is up to you to take that lesson and learn from it. You live and you learn but it's hard to learn and apply what you've learned when you're stuck questioning how could things have gone differently or what you could have done different. 

Everything happens for a reason. If  you were true to yourself and your feelings then worrying about what could've should've and would've happened is a waste of thought. Our brain capacity just like thoughts and love are limitless but too much regretful thought makes it hard to applaud yourself for being true to how you felt. Accept what you've learned, know what you've earned and know what you deserve. Eliminate the thought that something is too good for you or you don't deserve something or someone. 

Love is like a rose,we'll always remember it's beauty and no two roses are like but it needs sunlight and water to grow, not a cold dark dry place. Accept what you can't change and stop allowing your past to affect your present because you'll never be able to have a happy future. Emotions are the spine needed for a successful relationship with anyone including yourself. Being happy with yourself is important because if you're not happy with yourself you won't be able to see why others are happy with you and anything can shatter and shape how you feel about yourself. 

Find happiness that intangible, that cannot be taken away. Money is not happiness. Maybe happiness lies in how you obtain it. Looking good is not happiness it's feeling healthy and in your best shape. A degree isn't happiness it is the knowledge that can never be taken from you. Find your passion and accept yourself for who you are. 

P.S. Release your baggage. Think about it as carrying around garbage. Eventually it'll start to stink and turn away everyone and you'll become nose blind to the funk you're in. Find a new bag to carry and handle your business, get in it and get in your zone.