Let's talk about #hurtbae. Strategically dropped on Valentine's Day it resonated with a lot of people who were hurt, and especially sad that day. It's a video of the confrontation|discussion of exes post breakup of the events that happened while they were dating.

Long story short Kourtney & Leonard were dating and Leonard cheated on Kourtney 

Several times. Remorselessly. 

#hurtbae went viral and poor Leonard (not really) is being "crucified" as he put it, on the internet. 

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I told y'all Scorpios were evil but no one wanted to believe. Yes #hurtbae cheating ex is a Scorpio. I'm just saying 🙃

He cheated and she wants to know why

It raises the question of if they show they don't respect you or the relationship, should you care why ? In experience knowing the WHY of a violation does not make you feel better, especially if it had nothing to do with anything that you did. The lackadaisical attitude Leonard displayed in revealing that he wasn't keeping count was a clear "I don't care" because the instances of infidelity weren't of any importance, he just did it because he could. Actions speak louder than and if his actions are showing he doesn't care, take it for what it is, because while guys sometimes have difficulty vocalizing how they feel what they do to you and for you and how they treat you s c r e a m how they feel about you

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We want to know why she stayed, why she forgave

Loving him and loving yourself...where do you draw the line ? Forgiving and taking a man back after such behavior, what does that tell him ? Is there a such thing as "never doing it again" or is it "never getting caught again ?" To be honest I find it hard to let go because honestly no one wants to be alone. After we open ourselves up to a person emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally we get comfortable and fear that no one will accept us they way this person did. I figure that, maybe if I show I'm hurt he'll change. Nah girl. Guys are like dogs, they can smell fear, your fear of being without them and once that scent is on you they know that you'll let them, roam and come home whenever they want no matter what type of trouble they got in or where they roamed or how dirty they come back. We confuse 'ride or die' with 'standing there killing ourselves.'

 At least being a ride or die y'all are moving somewhere together and you have his back and he has yours. However standing there killing yourelf is you being stuck, stagnant killing yourself with overwhelming thoughts and unanswered questions or questions that were honestly answered but you refuse to accept. Killing your heart, soul and mind trying to make things work with a guy who stopped putting in work with you and moved else where for a side job. Fire him. Infidelity is a no call no show at work. Inexcusable. 

How could he be so remorseless

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This video is a sad reminder that no matter how beautiful, smart, loving, or sexy you are, or how much in order you have your life or how much you show you care a guy may cheat and not feel bad about it. It is nothing that you being the woman you are should take personal because cheating goes way deeper than not being satisfied with what is in front of you. 

What does #hurtbae teach us ?

Now the internet is upset and hurt recalling the times they were hurt by bae, being in love with someone who hurt deeply. When we see Kourtney we see ourselves. GUY or GAL. We saw the vulnerability of Kourtney and realized it's okay to crying and feel upset, or even stupid but we should learn not to dwell on situations of the past. 

What this video did was tarnish Leonard's reputation, and for some he became eye candy, but it didn't bring closure because honestly if you ask me, asking an ex why they cheated is throwing salt in your own wounds and opening up to them, to throw salt too. That's like you have the option to close the door on a situation yourself but you're letting them close it in your face instead.

 The past has no place in the present or future. It helps to GUIDE it. Don't ride on the memories of the past because it'll make the stories of the present and plans of the forward go backward. 

So don't worry why he #hurtbae just don't let him #hurtbae again.