Relationships: Being Qualified for the Job

Relationships are a job. Some people apply for any and every job. Some people luck up and score an amazing job with little to no experience, while others with years of experience and impressive resumes can't seem to get a decent job.

You have your objectives, reasons for wanting a relationship and your past jobs (relationships) on your resume. Some jobs were seasonal, some jobs we've gotten fired from or quit, then there are those jobs that we don't even want to put on our resumes. Those count too guys. Contrarily are the jobs that we loved and helped us develop important skills that we can use for our next job, it was just time for something knew. If necessary we could always refer back to our old employer because our time at the job was pleasant and it is understood we simply outgrew our position and the employer wants nothing more that to see grow and still help in anyway possible. 

Now when applying for "jobs" there are those core qualifications necessary to be considered and be successful at work.

I call these the 6 beneficial virtues for meaningful relationships. One must have the ability to:

1. Communicate

Communication is key to getting into and maintaining a relationship. In order to be on the same page, express emotion and learn about your partner one must be willing and able to effectively communicate. How you communicate determines whether or not you get the job, helps you express interest, grievances, ask for promotions and see eye to eye with your partner. No one can read minds, so communication is key.

2. Motivate

When one actually gets into a relationship it is important to be that push factor to help your partner and your relationship grow. Relationships are a job and your partner is literally your partner and investment. If they aren't doing well and start to slack, lack and nosedive it is your job to pull them up, communicate the issues and inspire them to reach for and achieve their goals and be there when they can't find it in them to motivate themselves.

3. Appreciate

A lot people wanted to be in your position and could've been, but your employer chose you, so it is important to show that you are grateful to be in the position you are in. Simple.

4. Relate

We don't, or at least shouldn't, apply to jobs in which we have no interest in just to have a job. We should understand the background and history of our partner and share some type of interest. It plays an important role in being happy with your job.

5. Dedicate

To keep your job you need to put in time and effort. There's no way around that. Time in relationships is very important because with time you grow with your partner and learn more about not only them but yourself as well and you develop important skills and build connections, sometimes life long. 

6. Educate

You can learn a lot from your job, but what do you have to contribute ? Are you passionate ? It is super important that there is a mutual teaching going on in a relationship because everyone you meet has something to teach you, it doesn't matter if you apply what you learned to at that same job or elsewhere but what's the point of being a part of a team if you can't grow or help them develop ? 

Every job is different regardless of the time spent. We should take time before we apply for jobs we aren't ready for, have no interested in or only see as temporary because time is precious and it's best to spend it at a job where you can see growth and happiness.