Since Y'all Know Everything, What's a Vagina?


There's a few things you guys, should know before entering...

VULVA. Say it with me. VUL-VA.

This is the external genitals of the female, including the labiamajoralabiaminora, and the clitoris of the vagina. (I'll get into those in a moment.) The vulva is often confused with the vagina.


Image result for vagina art
Image result for vagina art

The birth canal. Where the penis goes. Where we bleed from. The muscular canal.

Labia Majora "Outer lips"- from the top of the vagina to the  bottom

Labia Minora "Inner lips"- smaller "lips" that meet at the clitoris

Cervix- narrow end at the opening of the uterus

Urethra- tube that transports urine

characteristics of the vagina:

  • is self-cleaning
  • creates it's own secretion and lubricant
  • once a month for  3-7 days sheds lining that builds up in the event a woman is pregnant. This is the menstruation cycle
  • it grows hair
  • it discharges, discharge is fluid made by glands that carry away bacteria, hence "self-cleaning" so ignore that "The Panty Challenge" that insinuates that if a woman's underwear has discharge they're nasty. They're not. Yellow and green discharge is the only time one should worry.
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Also known as: female sexual organ

Description: small, sensitive, has about 8,000 sensory nerve endings

Location: the outside of the body in front of the opening of the vagina

Beauty & the Beast

The look: Vaginas come in different shapes and sizes, a lot of women are insecure about the way their vagina looks based on unrealistic expectations. Sometimes the labia minora is bigger than the labia majora, sometimes women have large clitorises, a vagina is a vagina. Guys appreciate the vagina in your life and don't get us started on male genitals.

The smell: sex, menstruation, sweat & eating habits affect the smell. Vaginas do not smell like roses or perfume.

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The taste:

Vaginas don't taste like pineapples. Vaginas don't taste like pineapples. Vaginas don't taste like pineapples. Vaginas don't taste like pineapples. I don't know how many times I have to say that for guys to understand.

The taste and smell of a woman's vagina varies based on her pH levels.

The touch:

*Most women do NOT orgasm from vaginal intercourse*

The mythological "G-Spot" is the area in the vagina that gives a woman the most pleasure and it varies from woman to woman.


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Different strokes for different folks. Learn your lady.

It's simple, you study before you take a test.

Read instructions before operating.