Spring Cleaning Stress

So I realized I stress a lot in the winter. The sun doesn't shine as much, it's too cold so I stay inside passing up parties to stay curled up under my blanket, and I'm always at work. When I'm trapped inside I have way too much time to think about my current mood and everything that is bothering me and it's really unhealthy. As soon as one thing goes wrong you start thinking of everything that went wrong from the time you left the womb up until that very moment, and then you start wallowing in your sorrows and literally making yourself sick wondering why things are the way that they are, comparing yourself to other people. spring cleaning for your mind.

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Things that cause stress

dissatisfaction with oneself
lack of sleep
not enough "me time"
minding business that's not yours
worrying too much about what others will say

Things you have no control over

how people will react

the past

Unfortunately we stress the most about things we can't control, especially the past. The past is something that has been done, it has happened and cannot be changed. Your past can either be sandbags that you let weigh you down or dumbbells that you recognize as trial and error and use them to get stronger and move forward. As far as the reaction of others, it's not like a script where you'll know what the person is going to say, so it makes no sense to beat yourself up trying to figure out how things will go, cross that bridge when you get there and be honest with yourself.

How I handle stress

A lot of my stress comes from overthinking situations I have no control over and trying to think of every possible scenario in order to be prepared. I realized that I can never be fully prepared and trying to figure things out only left me stressed and tired from staying up all night. I've created a daily routine that I've been following for about 2 weeks now and ever since I started I've been able to sleep peacefully and approach my stresses in a logic manner.

After I shower I burn an incense stick (I love Black Coconut) 

I relax my mind and body from the tensions of the day with 10 minute yoga/meditation before bed

Lastly I write down my stresses honestly in a list in my journal/to-do-list to get them off my mind

When I wake up in the morning I separate my stresses into categories;

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  1. what can I do/what is my role in this stress
  2. can I change the situation ?
  3. do I have control of the outcome ?
  4. do I need this ?
  5. does this make me happy ?

and I also note the things I'm working on with myself like patience, and prioritizing and my goal list as a reminder.

I used to take sleeping medicine so I could fall asleep peacefully until I realized writing things out helps me. I wake up and tackle the stresses that I do have control over as a to do list.


Living for You

Highlight your accomplishments in a timeline so you look forward to what's next and reflect on triumphs and analyze what caused the success, how was I feeling and what was I doing to get back into that space.

Remember live for you. I cannot stress that enough. You don't have to explain yourself or compromise out of consideration for others at the expense of yourself. Sometimes when you say yes to others you're saying no to yourself, so you have to know when to say no for you.