Men with Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues. Resentment.

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Any time you hear about daddy issues, it's always about a young woman trying to come to terms with her personal issues, stemming from issues with her father that has resulted in the hindrance of successful romantic relationships.

It has become an accepted cause for reasoning behind infidelity, commitment issues, dependency, and "seeking a father figure," I want to talk about how men having daddy issues affects their ability to have successful romantic relationships as well.

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Just as men like to say that they are paying for the mistakes of other men that did wrong by the woman in their lives, similarly these men that claim that they are heartless on account of the absence of their father, are paying for the mistakes of their their own expense. 

Abandonment issues, commitment issues, and the inability to accept and willingly process emotions are the results of men having Daddy Issues. 

Women are the light of their father's eyes and hearts and the sons are the shadows of their actions and the frame of their words. 

If Daddy wasn't there, what is there to fill up that empty frame ? 

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What ends up being left is unfulfilled levels of love and teachings within their childhood that remain empty through adulthood...and we all know you can't give what you don't have and it's very hard to teach what you have yet to learn.

Society teaches men to be hard, guarded and almost unresponsive to overt emotional expression. As a result a lot of men find it hard to be open with their partner about how they are truly feeling, even for the simplest of situations. They bash other men who can healthily express and show emotion, not just toward their partner, but toward their family and friends as well.

Daddy issues, is used a justification for being insensitive, cold and ultimately irresponsible with no regard toward the feelings of others. 

It's important as a man with daddy issues to overcome your anger and hostility toward your father and become your own man, as so not to become the very person you may have ill-feelings toward.