End It With A Period: We're In This Together

We’re In This Together

 Sex affects your body in more ways than one. If you are able to lie down with someone, you should be in a safe space to express what's going on with your body to help your partner understand changes and also not be childishly dismissed because your partner is "grossed out."

How To Create Open Dialogue About the Uncomfortable Stuff With Your Partner: Your Period

We’re literally IN this together so it’s crucial that your partner knows how things work and not rely on previous partners or generalizations to educate your partner on your body. Especially not your cycle. YES your menstruation cycle.

I believe that if your partner is willing to be in your body and touch you body, they should understand the changes that your body goes through, changes that sometimes is a result of your body meshing with your partners’.

Not every woman is angry on her period. Although guys swear it's what makes us crazy and sometimes we blame our period, we're not crazy. It's our hormones shifting. 

The most annoying thing to hear is “Oh you have an attitude, youre probably on your period.” No, I have an attitude because you probably said or did something foolish that annoyed me.

So. Here are the basics.

According to Always Pads official website: 

 This may come as a surprise, but your “monthly” menstrual cycle doesn’t always take place once a month. Although the average menstrual cycle is 28 days, your cycle could be anywhere from 21 to 35 days."

Coverage includes: Tampons & Pads

What is happening: I saw this tweet that was the best explanation ever:



How to talk to your partner about it:

First off, consider why you are telling your partner about your cycle. If it's simply for the sake of feeling the need to share everything then spare him, but if you feel like you're moving weird or it affects the time you spend together or things of that nature then by all means, be honest. 


1. Be direct. Avoid using euphemisms like “that time of the month,” “a visitor,” or the infamous “Aunt Flow.” If you’re uncomfortable talking about it, he will be too.

2. It's okay if he looks afraid or confused. You don't have to go into details, because as attentive and understanding he is, he will never fully understand how period cramps can knock the wind out of you and have you doubled over in pain. 

Sympathy vs Empathy

3. Be clear in what you need during this time. Your partner is not a mind reader, if you need space while on your period, tell him. You need a littl more hugs than normal ? Tell him.  

If your partner can't handle the fact that you menstruate, a natural cycle that is not in your control, then perhaps that's not the human you want to be with. Period🤷🏾‍♀️ 


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