The Streets Are Calling: End Catcalling

5 Ways Your Approach Is Off & Why Women Will Not Tolerate It

Image from TheOdysseyOnline

Image from TheOdysseyOnline

Catcalling, Hissing, Barking, Whistling, Ayo Ma-ing, Yo Shorty-ing, Mami-ing, Baby-ing, BabyGirl-ing, Yerrr What's Good-ing, Hey Sexy-ing, Daaaam-ing

These are the inappropriate ways in which men *and I use that term loosely* attempt to get a woman's attention

That's why you're ugly any way, Oh I can't get a Good Morning back ? Smile, you're too pretty to be frowning, Why you gotta be so mean ?, Why you gotta be like that ? Well f**k you too !

These are the response women get when they do not entertain those "men" or choose not to respond.

Top 3 Offenders

  • Old Men
  • Groups of Guys
  • Drunken Men of All Ages

Rejection is a part of life, but it should not be the end of mine.

Let's talk about the ways in which catcalling has gotten out of control, and why exactly women do not like being approached in these particular ways...

Catcalls are NOT Compliments.

1. Good Mornings with Ulterior Motives and Expecting it Back

Let's be clear. Good morning is not a pick up line. Saying good morning and expecting it back is not a way to go about approaching women and quite frankly it is annoying especially when we know that a guy would only want us to have a good morning if we engage in conversation with him. Trust, we know a regular good morning from a creepy one, it's the same way we can tell which guy to dance with at a party from which creep to avoid. It's not being stuck up, it's a woman's instinct and intuition. 

2. Trying To Talk To Me In Front of A Group of Friends

Your wing-men are setting you up to crash and burn. Not only are your group of friends a literal roadblock for me, but they're a cockblock for you. You and your friends are not parting the red sea, so there is no reason for your group to split where I have to walk in the middle of the squad only to have 5 out of the 6 of your friends talk at me, about me, whisper and try to grab at me. Do you really think that I would stop to talk to you or any one of your friends under those circumstances ?

Photo from Google

Photo from Google

It is overwhelming, uncomfortable and to be honest it is humiliating as well, you end up feeling like you're wearing a meat dress walking through jungle of lions.

3. Staring Me Down, Following Me, or Reaching Out to Touch Me

Staring at a woman, after she has made it clear that the intensity of your eye contact is making her uncomfortable is harassment. If a woman crosses the street trying to avoid you or declines your advances and speeds up walking, that DOES NOT mean follow her. 

Under NO circumstances should a guy reach out to touch or grab a woman. ESPECIALLY after she has declined your advances. That is harassment.

Photo from Google

Photo from Google

That is harassment. That is harassment. That is harassment. That is harassment. That is harassment. 

4. Waiting Until I Walk By To Talk At Me

I believe that maybe guys think that when they approach us face to face that we can't hear them, so they try to time it and when a woman walks by they talk AT her hoping that the nonsense they're spewing will reach our ears. Either way it's stupid. Waiting to see my butt to start a conversation is literally "ass backward" and a guaranteed way for a guy to walk into a pole. There is nothing attractive about aggressively whispering "Sexy" in my ear.

5. If She Ignores You, Walks Faster, Politely or Even Rudely Declines, LEAVE HER ALONE

Nowadays there seems to be no method that gets some of these guys on the street to understand that a woman is not interested. Women try ignoring, walking faster, putting in headphones, saying that they have a girlfriend/boyfriend or even crossing the street to no avail.

 Regardless if she is polite in her rejection or not, you have to think of things from a woman's perspective. For every 3 women you've tried and failed to talk to, there is probably 5 guys that have tried and failed to talk to her and by the time you try and she makes it clear that she's not interested, she's probably fed up. She feels harassed and annoyed and unsafe. I am not Professor Oglevee and you are not Nikki Parker, harassing me, annoying me and following me will not wear me down into wanting to talk to you.

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GIF from Google

I am a woman and I do not owe anyone any explanation as to why I am not interested nor do I have to entertain anyone's efforts to get my attention.

And what is the purpose in continuously approaching someone who has made it clear they aren't interested. Fostering relationships forcefully or out of desperation is no way to build a relationship and even if you get a woman to give in and give you her number you cannot honestly get upset if she never returns your calls or texts back, because she did not want to speak to you in the first place.

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