Building Your Roster: Issa Game

Summer is coming to an end and Drafting Season will soon begin;

Guys will start looking for potential players to build their roster for Cuffing Season, ladies you can build your roster too ! And you should !


Does it really make sense to be upset if things fall through with the current guy you're dating because you put the fate of the game solely in his hands ? Then you feel you constantly end up stuck starting all over getting to know guys and in the end finding yourself desperately letting anyone in the gym out of the fear of being alone ? (Girl honesty I'd rather have an empty gym than let just anyone in.)

As opposed to immediately putting the fate of the whole game on this one new guy whose skills youre not quite confident in, why not have guys at different levels and having them work their way up to "star player ?," It's how guys date, and it just makes sense. You do not have to juggle them all at once of course because you would still want to balance the guys, work, school and your personal time.

Let THEM put in the work, you can just give them slight coaching. 


We unknowingly archive guys and feel that we have to date one guy at a time, out of the fear of looking "promiscuous," (just because you are dating multiple guys does not mean you are sexual active with them all and if you are that is your business) but if you are single, ladies you can date whoever you want, whenever you want. It is just a matter of being safe and being true to your morals and standards. People are going to judge you regardless, so you may as well be happy while you are being judged.

I'm going to break down how women build their roster, (well at least how I do) for the guys who wonder why they never make the cut, or are constantly benched. 

Metaphorically speaking, once a woman opens her gym (meaning she is open to the dating pool or on the dating scene and looking) you can either be one of those guys waiting outside the gym to get in, a bench warmer, part of the starting line up or the star player.

Dating is a game and some play to win and have their jerseys retired, some come to the gym just to practice and shoot around, and others come to the gym just to sit around and watch. Your performance determines the length of your membership and status.

When I open the gym, I notify those entering that they are not the only person trying to shoot their shot.  

trying to get in.png

The guys outside of the gym can be classified as those guys who got your number at an event and you later regret it, or those guys trying to get out of the friend zone, or that guy that keeps sliding in your DMs complimenting you (and you thank him because you're not rude but he does not get the hint that you aren't interested) or any similar situation of "it's just not going to happen."


The bench-warmers are the guys who are always ready and willing to give you attention, want to take you out but never actually get the chance or any action because you know you do not really want to pursue them seriously, but they, in your eyes are decent enough to date if you HAD to.

The thing is they're missing something that makes them just miss the mark to make the line up. Whether it be that their personality and physical are everything you could ask for but their lifestyle doesn't fit with yours, or their lifestyle and personality are amazing but you're not physically attracted to them, or whatever other clause there maybe, this guy just didn't make the cut.

The bench-warmers are usually really there for catching rebounds or reminding the starting lineup player(s) that there is someone willing and ready to take their spot. 

The starting line up (the official definition is) official list of the set of players who will participate in the event when the game begins. For me it is the top guys who get to participate in events, like go on dates, get invited places and the ones your friends actually know about. From these players emerges the star player.



The guy who has the skills and when he commits he is amazing, but he constantly jumps back and forth between teams, or is known for the act of throwing himself to the floor crying injury when the game is getting too serious, or it is not going his way.

Bottom line, we know Lebron ain't loyal. 

If they are already on the roster, do not let them think that they are not replaceable. Just because you made it on the team does not mean that you can come to the gym and not practice, or fall off your game while there are bench-warmers anxious to get in the game, and guys outside of the gym dying to get in. Understand where you stand and continue to work. You don't apply to a job to slack off, you work either to maintain, or move up, and dating is the same. At least in my gym it is. 

When you let the other players on the roster know they are not the only one, it puts things into perspective in the sense that you are a commodity that others are willing to work for and if the guy does not stay on top of his game he can be removed from the starting line up or the roster completely. 

Issa Game, play it right. 



*all of the terms are not used exactly as it is in basketball