Letters and Notes From a Black Woman: Things Black Women Are Tired Of

Letters and Notes from a Black Woman

Things Black Women are Tired of ...


I am tired of my culture as a trend

Do not tell me that I should be happy that other people are embracing my culture, because nine times out of ten, it's not them embracing my culture is it jumping on the band wagon of what is "seems" to be cool.


The trend seems to be everyone wanting a sprinkle of ✨black girl magic✨ that they are not entitled to, everyone wants to be in the spotlight for black girl magic, the same light that for years has been dimmed by everyone else, but now we finally have found a solid platform to continuously uplift and motivate ourselves and each other when no one else will...now all of a sudden everyone wants parts.

When I say everyone I mean majority of the appropriation and false appreciation and recognition is coming from the faces and spaces inhabited by white people. After years of exclusion not only as a Black person, but as a Black Woman, we have found our own place, a place of belonging in a realm that extends from social media to actual events and gatherings in the name of #melanin, #blackgirlsrock and #blackgirlmagic. Ironically now the excluders suddenly want to be included because the revolution is being televised.

The revolution, the wide-reaching change in the way that Black Women are viewed. Not as the last picked for dodge ball, but the team captains, the MVPs.To the culture vultures, vultures can only pick at something that is dead or dying and try to live off of the scraps. The culture of a Black Woman is alive and well.

The unique aesthetics of the Black woman is something that is frequently, but never authentically duplicated.

So, cut the crap with the wanna-be melanin tans, the "boxer braids", and the injections, because its actually pathetic to watch the same people who ridiculed the features and idiosyncrasies of Black people, are trying so hard to copy them.

Flaunting Becky


Does he really love Becky or is it his way of throwing salt in the wounds of Black women who already feel unlovable by their own men ? Or is it a mild form of selective breeding with a hint of underlying self-hatred that drives Black men to not only, marry but gloat about their new love with Becky? Rarely do we ever see Black Women boast of new found love with another race to spite Black men, because we understand how special and unbreakable that bond is.


You like it ? I love it, but what I don't love is having Becky shown off like she's better than I am just because she's white, or a Latina, or Asian being broadcast to show that a relationship is better with anyone other than a Black woman, or the only women that get married are women who aren't Black. There are jokes made out of it, but for some guys they really believe that any woman that is not Black is gold...do they not know that we are made of gold ? 

And this is not to say that any and every time a black man dates or marries a white woman or a woman of any other race that it is an issue, because one; we might not have ever even looked your way, or two; we're in our own relationships, but it just raises a flag when it is portrayed that the white woman is the perfect woman, and the ideal woman to have children with because of what some Black men fantasizes his children looking or not looking like.


Being a Token for Diversity

Diversity don't mean shit, if all of the black people are in the temporary or lower positions. "I've always wanted to date a Black girl," is not a pick up line. I am not something to check off of your bucket list, and I am a Woman, not a girl.Just because I am one of your few Black friends, does not mean that I am the spokesperson for all of the Black people of the world.

Labeled as the Angry Black Woman

Black women are not always angry. Every one gets angry, but for some reason we are the poster child for angry people. If you want to technical Black women have every right to want to angry because we were (and still are) treated less than, and have to work harder than, a White man, a White woman and a Black man, because not only are we looked at as the lesser gender, but seems to be the lesser of the races as well, because still at the end of the day no one wants to be Black.We get harassed like every other woman and are hyper-sexualized by the media and are expected to abide by the rules of the media and be receptive of any and every one who makes a pass at us.

And to top it all off we are constantly being stereotyped as angry or b*tchy, being constantly told that you are something you're not is actually very annoying. Being expected to act a certain way just because another Black Woman was caught on a bad day, is actually annoying because Black Woman are not angry all of the time. Black Women are just tired of yo' sh*t.


Black Women are tired of our brothers, friends, fathers, and husbands being slain right before our eyes for sport. We are tired of seeing our sisters being beaten, violated and murdered. We are tired of those who have committed the crime being acquitted and our people being dehumanized, and our bodies not only sexualized but having people desensitized to the brutalization of our people. A 12 year-old boy is not a man, it does not require the man power of 5 men to take down one woman. When will you learn ?

Black women are tired of yo' sh*t.


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