Yes I Changed My Hair Again

So I took out my faux locs and it sparked a conversation about me and how often I change my hair


The only thing more annoying than someone asking can they touch your hair is being ask “how come you change your hair so much” because I can dammit. 

Photo credit: Google Images

Photo credit: Google Images

I have the ability to be versatile and I choose to explore.

For the millionth time, I can be natural and not want to deal with my hair...I can wear wigs and extensions and love my hair. 

Now when someone compliments my hair I say thank you and keep it pushing, I don’t feel I need to give a disclaimer like “Oh thank you ! It’s not mine !” Like that’s ridiculous. If I’m asked then most definitely I don’t front like it’s mine. Some people get so upset and disappointed because they think it’s my hair. I will never understand why that bothers people so much. I just know how to finesse the look ! I even share the products I use so they may get the look ! Guys I feel always have an issue with something…I just don’t understand 😭

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

I’m not ashamed of wearing wigs or extensions.

It’s a form of protective styling, because to wake up every morning to the unpredictability of my 4b/c high porosity coils and attempt to style it is just not going to happen. 

Straightening my own hair is way too much maintenance between actually doing it and keeping up with it, and to pay someone else is like giving away an arm and a leg as much as they charge to do natural hair. I’m forever changing mind about my hair, I did the “no heat natural, making concoctions out of condiments” only to be like “okay what’s next ?” My 4c curl pattern is on fleek and so is my wash and go, but I never actually wash and go 🤦🏾‍♀️ I literally just realized I like my hair pressed and slick. Learning your hair and your likes and dislikes is a process. 🤷🏾‍♀️ 

But I do have my favorites/go tos 

  • For when I actually do my hair it’s the “Michelle Obama bounce”

  • For protective styles it’s definitely the faux locs and the Afro wig/piece variations

I prefer styles that look like something I could and would do to my hair without actually doing it.

Protective styling is also a way to protect my hair from myself lol. I get bored with my hair in the between length stages and have the urge to cut it all off again. It doesn’t help that my barber is around the corner and my aunt is a beautician.

It’s annoying when people, especially men, the ones you interact with everyday feel the need to impose their views on why THEY think you were wigs or weave 

And what THEY the deeper meaning behind your wig wearing is...when no one asked

If you’re not paying for my hair, hair products or hair maintenance AND I didn’t ask for your opinion, don’t give it.

Telling me “you like when women wear their own hair” is not a compliment, it’s just annoying

Hair for me is like a hat that goes with my outfit. Certain outfits or styles or even moods call for a different hairstyle 🤷🏾‍♀️

I used to try to have smooth transitions into my next hair style when I worked in corporate to avoid the annoying questions or “making others uncomfortable or confusing” but after a while I stopped caring. My face remains the same so regardless of how many times in the week I change my hair I’m the same damn person.


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