Boo'd Up: Dating Guide

It’s officially summer, the weather is consistently hot, (FINALLY) and check you out ! You're boo'd up ! (Or maybe you have a couple of boo thangs, but nevertheless...) This post is for you.

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maybe you want to impress her...

...or you want to take HIM out

Or maybe you just met and want to wow your date but not break the bank.

M a y b e you don't want to do the basic "dinner and movie" because it's not Friday, you haven't gotten paid and you don't want to get anxiety over what your date may pick off the menu and be broke the rest of the week.

Whatever your situation is I got you ! 

First Date

So it's the first date and you want to make an impression without emptying your wallet. Here are some ideas

  • Comedy Club
  • Carnival/Street Fair
  • Picnic in the park 

The idea is to keep it simple where you can chat and get to know your date. I personally believe movie dates aren’t the best option for first dates because you can’t really talk and it’s awkward sitting in the dark with this person you’re trying to get to know.  

Unfortunately some dates won’t appreciate the simplicity of a date in the park or museum and want to know that you spent a lot of money on them. That says a lot about character, however if that doesn’t ruffle your feathers, more power to you ! Just spend smart and shop around for Groupons and possible discounts. You can create an “expensive date” without spending the excess money, it’s all about planning 😉

What I will say though is when in doubt, grab a bite to eat. Perhaps you were too nervous to eat and now you don't want to worry about your growling stomach talking over you. Here are some options for eating dates that won't run you dry.

  • Fro-yo
  • Food tasting fair
  • Create your own pizza pie
  • Cooking class

My recommendations for Manhattan would be Harlem by 125th street, the Lower East Side and in Brooklyn Flatbush by the Barclays (those are my favorite places to go.)

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Photo Credit: Google Images

Fellas BRUNCH is your best friend. Women love brunch, and it's a fixed price. Take some time and look up restaurants near you serving brunch, maybe even a rooftop ! You get the fanciness for less and your date will be impressed.


Keeping That Energy

So you're feeling this person, you're gathering an idea of who they are and want to continue to get to know them here are some ideas for: 

If your date is sporty*

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Photo Credit: Google Images

  • Take her to the court
  • Take her to the batting cage
  • Go bike riding
  • Bowling
  • Rollerskating
  • Tennis
  • Lasertag
  • Game at MSG or Barclays (Check Groupon for discounted prices)

If your date is open-minded or artsy

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Photo Credit: Google Images

  • Zoo
  • Art gallery
  • Planetarium
  • NYC Tour Bus
  • Botanical Garden
  • Aquarium
  • Open Mic
  • Museum

If you want to create memories and learn something together

  • Dance class
  • Painting class, or sip and paint class (as long as no one is driving)
  • Carnival/Festival 
  • Street Fair 

In A Relationship And Keeping It Spicy

You've been together for a while and have been more restaurants than you can count, you practically live in the movies and you want to take advantage of the weather ? Check out some of the date ideas below

Some of these options are listed as ideas for first dates sometimes it's great to bring it back to the early stages to bring back the butterflies.

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Photo Credit: Google Images

  • Couples Karaoke 
  • Camping
  • Jet skiing
  • Sky diving
  • Helicopter Class 
  • Canoeing or Kayaking
  • Watch the sunrise/set
  • Picnic at the park
  • Concert
  • Improv class
  • Broadway Production 
  • Amusement Park
  • Bar hopping

If you want to do something more than Netflix and Chill

  • Video Games
  • Board Games
  • Paint Night in the House



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Photo Credit: Google Images

Some women believe that the man is always supposed to initiate the date and pay, I believe that if you like him, you can take him out and treat him ! Here are some date ideas to take out your date or your boyfriend

*some of the options for sporty dates mentioned previously may apply

  • Sports Bar
  • Sporting Event
  • Treat Him to Dinner
  • Casino
  • Shooting Range
  • Bike Riding
  • Pool Hall
  • Video Arcade

get creative and more importantly, have fun ! -xo payton