So This Is How We're Starting the New Year ?

So let me tell y’all how 2019 tried to take me out e a r l y.

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Photo credit: Google Images

I’m really big on taking care of oneself and reading the signs so I don’t know how things escalated so quickly.

I normally start my work shift at 11:30AM but since it is the holidays I work 9AM. On this particular day it was my mother’s birthday and I was excited for the early start early finish. Similar to yesterday I got on the train with the morning rush and searched the 2 train for a seat to no avail.

The difference with today was I woke up late, like the time that I am supposed to leave and that should have been a sign. I hurried and got myself and my belongings together to get out of the house at a decent time. I thought about stopping to the deli to get something to eat, but I usually get food once I get to work and I was already late so that was not really an option.

I get on the crowded Q train with the morning rush and transfer for the 2 looking for a seat, again to no avail. I noticed a woman who looked familiar and figured she was getting off soon so I stationed myself in front of her. I was bundled up today and had my travel bag and my moms gift so I was patiently waiting for her to get up.

At Nevins I started to feel hot but I figured it was because I had on a lot of clothes and my bags and the train was crowded. At Borough Hall the train doors started to open and closed repeatedly and I was hotter. I told myself if the train door opened again I would get off.

I should have gotten off the first time. 

By the time I got to Clark Street, I started panicking because I started sweating and I started to feel light headed.

Photo credit: Google Images

Photo credit: Google Images

I told myself, if I could just make it to Wall Street and sit, I would be okay. I squatted to catch my balance, and the next thing I knew, when I opened my eyes I was on the floor of the train.

I Passed out on the train.

This has never happened to me before and I was embarrassed and confused. More so embarrassed than anything. I heard a woman shout “Do we need to pull the emergency brake ?” I scrambled to my feet and bolted off of the train.

I tried to make sense of what happen to call my step mom. Since I was at Wall Street the first thing I told myself was I had to make it to her hospital.

I found somewhere to sit to try and figure out what happen. After I opened my jacket and got some fresh air I was able to navigate the blocks to her job where she met me.

Thank goodness for those people on the train. I didn’t have any knots on my head or bruising from falling. The crowd must’ve guided me down to the floor, and this one man had the vice grip on my arm to make sure I didn’t go down fast. Thank you to them because I ran off the train to avoid being the reason for a delay and didnt get to thank them.

Need I add I already had irritated lungs from exposure to wax fumes from the day prior so you could imagine how I felt walking to the triage.

The doctor told me that I was extremely dehydrated, evident in the quickness of my body in soaking of the fluids from the IV. For the first time I had got an EKG done which the doctor said was abnormal (and now I have to find out what that means)

My man came and got me from the emergency room and took me to Queens. I did not want to startle my mother so I made my mine to inform her when I see her so she knew I was okay once I was discharged.

After receiving the fluids I became extremely cold, so the entire train ride and the time spent at my boyfriend’s house I found myself snuggled under my him trying to get warm.

Around 5 o’clock I went home to my mother and let her know I was okay. Or so I thought.

After we returned from dinner I became overwhelmed with chills, aches and the irritation of my lungs worsened from constant coughing.

I’m sure I had waaaay more cough drops that I should have.

I spent the last four days miserable in pain with a tight chest drinking cup after cup of tea, hoping that Alka Seltzer and Robitussin would suppress the cough and soothe the aches.

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

I currently still have phlegm on my chest that is breaking up (thankfully) so I’m hoping to be back to 100% by Wednesday.

As I laid in bed I thought to myself. I’ve been pushing myself way too hard. I thought I was taking care of myself by working out and eating right and attempting to get a good amount of sleep but I was not replenishing what I lost and ultimately my body was telling me to SLOW DOWN.

Don’t go into the year doing too much too fast.

It was only my 3rd day out here and I already got knocked to my feet. But there are 359 more days to get things done and take better care of myself.


I definitely want to look into a nutritionist though to ensure that not only am I eating right, I’m eating things to build up my immune system.

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