Lessons I'm Learning the Hard Way

So I disappeared again and I’m sorry y’all. A lot has been going on and I had to take a minute (a while actually) to try and get myself in order. Prioritizing myself to give my best self. Since July I’ve been working to adapt to transitional changes, and trials and tribulations that have been testing my faith and my strength.

I’ve been realizing when you get a hold on things you been praying for there is a wave of tests to check if you are going to maintain the ambition you had in trying to obtain these blessings or if you’ll fold under pressure.

As I said in one of my Instagram captions: When you get the things you pray for, things your fear will come your way to see if your ambition will stray.

You will be tested on things you did not study. Material you do not know. For the SATs of life remember this too shall pass. You are equipped with all the materials you need: a prayer, positivity and courage.

God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warrior, and you have just leveled up 📈

Push through my momma told me so

Some of the lessons I’m finally getting:

  • Better late than never: as long as you’ve started you’re ahead of where you were before, give yourself credit and push through

  • Stop stressing over what you can’t control: your remote control does not operate for other people so stop trying to force it

  • Overthinking makes you sick: The mind can be a super hero or a super villian depending how you use it, don’t kill yourself thinking about what other people are thinking if they aren’t saying it

  • Practice what you preach: you take pride in giving it out, take your own advice

  • Pause: move at a pace that works for you and take time to collect and reflect

  • The world don’t revolve around you: you can be an important part of people’s world’s without being the center of it. Self care and self love is not being self-absorbed

  • What you like is what you like; equity not equality: Don’t do to unto others as you would want them to do for you because everyone does not feel and heal the same way. Meet them where they are and treat them accordingly

  • With every blessing is a test: You prayed to get it, now you have to work to keep it. Faith over fear, doubt and devotion can’t exist together

  • Acknowledge the past, focus on the present, and be excited for the future: Focusing on the past leads to regret, focusing on the future makes you anxious as those are two tenses are you can’t control but the present is a gift that’s yours to enjoy.

Yasmine Payton