You Still Live With Your Parents ?

So I recently came back from celebrating my 26th birthday in Atlanta and I stayed at the house my parents bought house in Georgia, and it got me thinking.

I’m 26 and I live with my parents.

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Me in high school would’ve been appalled if we’re being honest, but now, I’m not so ashamed.

A lot of the time people over the age of 18 who still live with their parents are looked down upon and considered to be lazy, or moochers who can’t seem to leave the nest. It’s not that in most cases.

its hard out here

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Photo credit: Google Images

Before last week, ask anyone about me and where I am from they would tell you I’m from Brooklyn. I bleed Brooklyn. I told myself that I would start my family in Brooklyn and buy one of the million dollar houses on the backstreet of Church Ave, but I’m starting to feel like Brooklyn doesn’t love me. Gentrification is making the cost of living more and more unrealistic and honestly the quality isn’t worth the money.

In a survey I did on Instagram,

The top 2 reasons people between the age of 18-25 still live with their parents is because they can’t afford to move out or they are saving money to buy a house.

I learned that most of the people I surveyed moved out either during or after college.

For a while I was frustrated that I was 25 years old I still live with my parents. The African-American community has his idea that you know after you graduate college or even when you turn 18 you should move out of your parents house because that is a sign of being an adult.

Now my thing is I never wanted to have an apartment especially not in the asked city because the apartments are like a closet for $1000 and I read a book in my Race in the media class and has about economics that breaks down why the cycle of poverty within the African American community continues to be reinforced. Part of it is economics. Economics is not something that I was taught in high school so although I am reading to learn about it, I don’t quite understand it. I do know I want to be wealthy and I learned a lot from my parents. They have shared a lot of wisdom on mistakes that they feel that they made that they want me to help me avoid. One mistake both parent reiterated on was housing and finances. I should give you the back story of my nomadic tendecies. Technically I live Queens with my mom and my stepdad.

My dad and my stepmom live in Brooklyn. I lived in Buffalo for four years, and after college I moved in within my dad.

I am currently a grad student online for Stony Brook University, and I’m at a point where I am trying to figure out where I want to be located in life. I would like to get a job in my field and it’s important for me to pick which college to work at, where I could see myself living.

I went on a college tour with my students they notified us in Maryland that it’s one of the cities in which black people do well economically so of course that was appealing to me and I feel like I haven’t spread my wings away from NY and I always tell my students that when you look at the colleges look into the city and think about whether or not you can see yourself living in that city because that’s the biggest mistake that I believe that I made.

I loved my school however I did not feel the same about the city. So in a sense I might’ve wasted time because I didn’t go and find a job and start working/living there but you live and you learn.

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Photo credit: Google Images

Even though minimum wage was raised it is still very hard to save and pay bills house when you owe money for school. I feel very thankful that have a job and I have my parents that are allowing me to stay but stepdad asked me to move back to Queens and I just feel like I should spread my wings and go apply to live in Stony Brook and get a job there and potential start my life there but in the mean time be grateful to have options for the roof over my head and be wise to save to maintain the property I am already projected to own while working to acquire property I attain on my own.

things don’t always go as planned but you should always have a plan and I’m thankful to have family willing to support my moves.

Yasmine Payton