The Millennium Tour

☝🏾 That was one of the best concerts I’ve attended hands down.

Where do I start !?

So I went to the second stop on their tour which was at Madison Square Garden. As soon as I arrived I started to see other young women dressed in 2000s attire and I got so excited. Spray painted tees, jersey dresses, pointy toe heels, flare jeans you name it, we saw it. Here’s what we wore:


Banks and I arrived a little early so we sat and enjoyed the DJ playing classics from the 2000s in anticipation of the opening act.

From start to finish I was on my feet. Chingy came out looking as fine as ever (and we found out it was his birthday) and got us warmed up for the rest of the performances. I totally forgot the Ying Yang twins were performing I was so hyped and Bobby Valentino had me feeling nostalgic when he brought it back with “Slow Down” and “Tell Me.”

I’m definitely channeling my inner 2000s jawn come summer time.


I was in the verge of tears when Lloyd came out although his outfit covered most of his body and face 😒 by what got me was he closed with “Southside” and HE BROUGHT OUT ASHANTI ! I lost it when she came out, she needs a tour of her own because she was Queen if the 2000s vibe if you ask me.

And Mario, how could I forget Mario and his gorgeous smile 😍 he changed outfits during the performance and brought a fan up on the stage, I wish I was a tad bit closer but I felt she was pre-chosen.

Pretty Ricky did great considering their beef in Love and Hip Hop. I forgot how fine Spectacular was 😂

The opening video for B2K gave me chills because I literally felt like I saw my life flash before my eyes. It was a compilation of all the things that made the 2000s what it was; the music, videos, people, news, styles and B2K. I’ll admit I was not the biggest B2K fan but I was patiently waiting to hear my song “Uh Huh” and of course “Bump Bump Bump.” I nearly jumped out of my seat when they said they were gonna do it for Lil Saint. THAT was the cherry on til of their performance. And Omarion performed his singles as well and he brought out the dancer he had in the Touch video !!!

This concert really had me emotional. I only recorded their entrances, the rest I put my phone away and watched because I didn’t want to miss anything.

Heres a compilation of the highlights I did catch on my phone

Besides Trey Songz I feel like this was the last time guys really sang about trying to get a woman, loving a woman, losing a woman and just love in general. I felt all types of butterflies and excitement wishing I could go back in time and appreciate the performers more in their prime.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself 🥰

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