How To Do The Right Thing…and Not Do It For the Come Up

Recently, there have been many instances of things that we as people enjoy being ruined by people trying to catch a come up and not delivering quality.

The purpose of a business is to offer value (through products and/or services) to customers, who pay for the value with cash or equivalents- A. Weiss

The distinction between the two is that the product business sells a physical, tangible product, while the service business owner sells his skills as the primary product. In the service-based business, customers purchase the skills of a service provider or owner.

Whether it’s product based businesses or service based business sellers seem to be dropping the ball in the same areas: I usually see the same issues, overpriced, overcrowded and/or under quality.

Here are the areas of improvement and possible solutions from a customer’s perspective.


Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Know your worth.

People pay for quality and it’s terrible to over change people simply because you can. Those who aren’t into trying to catch a come up, understand the value of people’s consistent dollars. Reliable and reasonable* prices and services will keep people coming back.

If you do not provide the service the customer expected based on what you projected the best option is to give the customer the choice between asking for another option to provide better service or funds being returned.

Reasonable = worth of what is presented and the market in general.*


Don’t believe the hype…humble yourself

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Let the people tell you how great you are, you do not need to tell the people how great you are. You are not doing the customers a favor by providing your services especially when there are others who can provide the same thing and more. The customer is always right and the customer is helping YOU, they’re doing YOU a favor by choosing to buy your services or product.

Allow your reputation to speak for it’s self.


This says a lot believe it or not. Location is what provides that sense of comfort. Simply put; take into consideration cleanliness and the space to occupants ratio. How may tickets are you selling in comparison to how much space you have ? The last thing you want is for customers to associate your services with discomfort and danger.

Make sure there is clean comfortable space to do what you are selling

People (Staff,Customers and Collaborators)

No matter how great your services are, you will lose customers if your attitude is unprofessional. One bad apple a part of your staff can taint your businesses’ reputation. And be weary of problematic customers because of the affect it can have on the entire business.

Select your partners and collaborators wisely.


Immediate and transparent communication saves everyone a headache. Customers are not expecting everything to be perfect. Things can happen against your favor and out of your control, but the one thing you do have control of is what you say and how you react. Part of conflict resolution is addressing the issue and sharing how you will handle it with your customer(s). Keeping customers updated instills a level of trust in you and your business. It is always a plus to follow up with your customers and make sure they are aware that you appreciate their time and their money.

Transparency and timeliness is key.