Cardi B: She's Not Lauryn Though

The regular degular shmegular girl from the Bronx who rose to fame as with her amusing videos on Instagram has made history.

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But of course if you ain't got no haters you ain't poppin * voice*

She is constantly being discredited because of her "not so admirable" background being a stripper. Which is not fair on her end. 

Last time I checked, rappers, athletes and numerous of men in prestige titles LOVE strippers. Not only that, she rose to fame because of the attention WE gave her.

Talking about her, making fun of her, watching her videos, watching her on Love and Hip Hop is a big contributory factor to her success, aside from her ambition.

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If you have not realized after 6 years and different locations, there's not much "Hip Hop", or love for that matter, that comes out of Love and Hip Hop. Cardi B played the game as the men on the show tried to play her and initially didn't want to take her seriously to show what she was really about. 

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The Female Hip Hop category has been dry for a while. It's pathetic how we keep dusting of these legends and put them in categories with newbies to save face, basically slapping them in the face as we have them lose to new artist who sample their music and copy their styles. 

Our idols are getting older and need to be left on the shelf to admire. The little hope we have crosses over to another genre and the new hip hop artist seem to be imitations of each other that don't last longer than a bar of soap. She's not Lauryn Hill because that Lauryn Hill is Lauryn Hill. It's a problem when artist imitate other artists, and it's a problem when they don't compare.  

Cardi B is not your average role model, but let's not make Lauryn Hill out to be no saint either.

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If you take anything from watching her Instagram to Love and Hip Hop to her videos, Cardi B stays true to who she is and she's 100% honest with where she came from, what she's about, and best believe if she see you and she don't speak, that means she don't mess with you