Thinking Caps- "Stop Colonizing My Borough"

Thinking Caps- "Stop Colonizing My Borough"


Gentrification is my inspiration for this exclamation

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Brooklyn. Queens. Manhattan. The Bronx. Staten Island.

My neighborhood is not a freak show

How dare you have walking tours spewing inaccurate facts about my block

complaining about our cultural norms

demolishing the holy grounds we built with our bare hands from the ground up AGAIN.

Crushing and closing mom and pop shops for pop up shops and disrespectfully mislabeling memorial murals as “street art”

When the building get whiter the prices get higher...making our hometowns unrecognizable and ultimately uninhabitable. Creating a Brooklyn and Harlem Diaspora unable to remain in our own buildings due to unfamiliarity and affordability

Born and raised, Brooklyn’s in my veins

And I’ll be damned if the neighborhood’s history and accomplishments is in vain


When in Brooklyn do as the Brooklynites do.

Fall in line, don’t make changes to make things “good for you.”