My name is Yasmine, but you can callmePAYTON.


The Artistic, Analytical, Aquarian.

The ultimate goal of my blog is to provoke thought. Being the analytical Aquarian that I am, I tend to think. A LOT. My overthinking is balanced by my talkative nature that at times is too much for 140 characters of Twitter. A good friend of mine told me, "You have a lot to say, and most of the time it's great points that makes sense, why don't you just make a blog ?" So I went for it, and here we are.

On Twitter I chat about a variety of things, but my passions are inspiring youth, promoting positivity amongst women and relationships. I love talking about relationships. Relationships with ourselves, me, being a woman, relationships with our fellow women and romantic relationships. I feel my generation (the 90s babies) has such a weird, almost hopeless, negative view on romantic relationships, which I believe stems from the unwillingness to communicate our feelings (partially from the fear of those feelings) and the unrealistic, materialistic, celebrity standard that we hold our relationships to.

When asked "

What motivates me ?"

I say negativity honestly. My goal is to prove that there is positivity. At times my outlook of what could be or should be comes off as a bit unrealistic but hey, never say never. Negative attitudes cloud greatness. With youth; negative relationships hinder their success and esteem. I want to promote the importance of taking the time to understand the youth, arts and expression (especially of your feelings) and positive relationships, and that's from the bottom of my heart.

I write things out to make sense of it. I'm not in any shape or form saying that anything that I'm saying is right, as these are my opinions, however if I can get a reader to ponder a little then I might just be on to something. Aquarians have the natural-born talent of being able to look at and understand things from different perspectives. (Yes I am somewhat of a zodiac nut.) I hope this blog inspires you to open your mind.